Friday, December 28, 2007


Water Tower. Trucker heading out of
Madison. Northbound !
Cold and more snow.

The trees have a lot of added weight with

ice. Winter of 2008, starting out with a lot

of snow.

Highway from SunPrarie into Madison.

Waste Disposal Truck. One of my jobs is digging
all the ice and snow out from in front of Dumpsters so they can wheel the dumpster
to the truck.


No, I dont collect stamps. I think they are
interesting tho. This single stamp?
850,000 at auction. 1918

Do you realize we have been flying for only
100 years?

This is a puzzle I made for
I have solved a number of the puzzles on that
site and communicated with Ed Pegg Jr. (the
site creator) over the years.

Puzzle: Given 16 squares

9 with single diagonal
3 with double diagonal
4 blank

Make one large square with 5 lines,
all lines border to border.

Baseball. Brewers Baseball. They gave out
Ted Simmons bobbleheads for the game.
The 2007 season started out pretty good,
then went flat. Always enjoyable watching
them in the new stadium.

The Eternity II puzzle, 256 square pieces.
Put them together so that edges match.
I am writing a program to solve it.

I have been painting for about 8 years.
This one is called "Sandy Point", a sand
island in the Mississippi. However, I did
not work from a photo.

Scrabble game with someone called Myles50.
I am Cruisin. If you are on WordBiz, you will
find me there.
I am the blue player here. With a couple
Bingos. Pam also plays on this site quite a

Here is my camera. (I borrowed this
picture.) It has a auto function, and is
easy for the whole family to use.
Yet, takes pretty good pictures and zooms
up to 40x.

Monday, December 24, 2007


This is Day before Christmas and looks like I am
not home! I am picking up Stacey and we are going to Dave's in Poynette.

Watertower on Highway 51, on the way to
Poynette. Still some ice on the road. Getting close to Sunset.

Here is Dale, Brianna and Danielle.
We are going to open presents soon.

Stacey and Jaden passed out the presents. My
massaging boots for Pam were a big hit. Everyone tried them on.
Beth put together another Christmas Scrapbook,
quite a bit of work. Said she went through two
ink cartridges printing them out.
Two dogs running around during all this. They
were very interested in the food.

Here are Dad's Grandchildren. A couple are married.

And here are Dad's children. (Some spouses)

Dad talking to Linda.

Brandon and Pam

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Marshall Park Shelter house. Below are photos of Lake Mendota at James Madison Park. You can see the lake hasn't froze over, just around the edges. This park is full of students with frisbees in the summer.

DEC 24, 2007

James Madison Park. Snow fence

Saturday, December 22, 2007

24 DEC, 2007

Here is a painting I did a couple of years ago. I call it
"POTTED ROSE." Waiting for Christmas eve now, in a couple days. Got off tomorrow and am going to do some more programming.
Dec 23, 2007
This is Stacey, my younger daughter. She is front end manager at Copps Grocery Store.

And below is my desk; keys, phone, pepsi,

plenty of writing paper, pens, and my computer.

Here I Email people at work. But also my hobbies. The EternityII puzzle. You can google that to see what it is. I program that puzzle and

it is interesting. Yahoo Groups also has a group

for about 1500 people working on the same puzzle. You can find suggestions and ideas

on that list. I have supplied some of my own!

I think hobbies are great, You can pick something that interests you and go for it.

Dec 15 2007

Lisa, my older daughter, was Ordained a Priest in the Episcopalian
Church. Here she is with her friends at the service. We stayed for church the next day
and after Spanish Services, We ate with the
people. We were very welcomed.

We got hit with ice and snow. This is my apartment building. We have 40 buildings
in the business and one of my jobs was to
climb a ladder and knock these huge icycles
down with a board !