Sunday, August 31, 2008


We have to do two things this last Sunday in August. We are having a get together
to do some tree trimming. The long horizontal branch on this tree is cracked and
damaged. It has gotten too heavy for the tree. You may have seen a branch this large on a Oak tree, but this is a Maple!

Also, its Pam's 58th birthday. Who had her bathroom remodeled and numberous other
fixes done.

Getting ready for Brunch, before working on the tree.

Brother Don, unreeling electrical cord.

Brother Dale, with pole saw (electric)
First we cut the branches off the main limb, then we cut off the end. Laying here on the ground.

Don makes a cut in the middle of the limb, which is nearly three feet in circumference.

Then finally, the remaining portion of the limb is sawed off close to the trunk. Quite a bit of sap, we estimate this large maple tree at about 110 years old.
My young grandmother was planning her wedding about the time it was planted. Airplanes hadnt yet been invented.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Milwaukee Brewers have won 8 of last ten games. But get this: So has Chicago. And we are still 5.5 games behind. However, there are going to be a couple match ups between the two. Pictured is Suppan pitching in a 11-3 Win Saturday over Pittsburgh. Check out the Brewers in the link on the right.


One Million flee the U.S. Gulf Coast region as Hurricane Gustav gains in strength.
Category 5 with sustained winds of over 156 MPH. Sunday in area of Cuba and reaching
U.S. Coast sometime MONDAY Both sides of interstates will be open to outgoing traffic only

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is Marilynn's garden, near Lodi and Lake Wisconsin

Some statuary in the garden Below is some views of Lake Wisconsin and surrounding area. This lake was made in the 30's, when a dam went up.

A large weeping willow, on the property of one of the homes that have lake access.

The Merrimac Ferry; no bridge here, boat takes your cars across. There is a long steel cable which it follows back and forth.

Here is view from the bluffs.

Another view.

The Crew heading out into Lake Wisconsin. From left; Al, Jeannie, Marilynn, Dale
and myself (photographer)

A pontoon boat and family outing on the Lake.

A marina on a bay of Lake Wisconsin.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Horses are getting a lot of attention. This is a PIG ROAST today, at Cousin
Vickie's who put a lot of work and money into it. 175 lb pig started roasting at 3 AM. Location: Near Stoughton WI Notice the corn in the area about 10 ft tall.

Rooster wondering what's all the commotion.
Some of the cars at the Pig Roast

One of the group areas where people gathered
Left to Right My cousin Elaine, Aunt Judy, Sister Pam

A volleyball game

Chow Line, everyone brings a dish. I had a couple pieces of pie too. Apple and Peach

Grey Horse with blinders on


This is Cindy, my Scrabble Buddy from Minnesota. She works with some of the worlds
best chefs.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


YOU might want to see "Pineapple Express"; crime as it could happen to a couple
of dopers. Scores a A- at Yahoo. Where you can see trailers as always. Its so believable.


Masses of flowers look good still, but we need rain. Actually, hasnt been too hot out, in the 80's and fall feels like it is coming soon.

With the gas prices, you see more bikers. But the Madison area has lots of bike paths, weekends see people out everywhere. With the lack of rain, most every day
is sunshine. Biking around Lake Monona is popular, as is the Farmers Market on the Square. Below are photos of a vegetable stand.

Vegetable Stand, got good stuff. Eugster's, sweet corn, tomatoes, melons.

Stand worker is putting corn to back of truck to pick from. Baker's dozen, 5 dollars

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stacey's Caribbean Vacation

Daughter Stacey is contributing photographer on this blog post. This is a trip she took to Mexico.

The Boat, part of Carnival Cruises

This is out at Sea, some storm clouds.

Here is Lisa, Stacey's Sister! Key West, Florida

This is a port of Mexico, notice the blue water.