Saturday, February 23, 2008


Sister Beth's Collie, Shyla. She is Alpha.

Sister Pam, taking a break from farm chores.

About a month left of winter, supposed to get another snowfall Monday. 4 to 8 inches, ice pellets and snow.

Photo of duck pair heading under a bridge, notice ice extending out into river.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Henry Vilas Zoo is actually pretty interesting and free. Take the beltline West to Fish Hatchery Rd. Head in town, your'e close.

Stacey liked this Photo.

Peaceful little bridge and creek, going into the arborateum. There is another picture of the bridge from the other side. On this Blog.

A bike path along Wingra Creek, we expect another six inches of snow in the next few days. People bike all winter, however.
A close up and a far shot of man working on
steel girder construction of building. Notice how he is dressed for the weather.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I bought some flowers. Partly to take photos of them. Wednesday-- Big storm hits. 40 mph winds, 14 inches snow, whiteout. Brother Don was stranded over 12 hours on interstate 94, on his way in to work. Over 2000 vehicles stranded or abandoned. I was getting a new windshield.
Could not see my way out of Menards parking lot. Did get home before rush hour!

People woke up Thursday morning to this...
Should be 10 below friday. Plus windchill.

Here is a building, with thick frosting layer.

These are shrub bushes, the snow just piled on.
Here is a man snow blowing, this is the height of
some of the snow. About 5 foot high here.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Flowers in Winter.

A church near Belleville, Its a snowy Saturday. We will end up with a couple inches. Notice the round steeple.

Near New Glarus. Known as the little switzerland. There is a pub from 1850's there, Chili and Braunshweiger sandwich for 5 bucks. Could make it a Chicken Salad sandwich. Local Microbrew on tap. Nearby is a bakery and a chocolate/cheese shoppe.

Footbridge across river, pretty new construction.

Cross Country Skier heading back.

Tree outfit dropping a big oak near a house. Notice the hollow logs, that tree was dead for some time. Even with a 24 in chainsaw, that tree was 3 feet through.

A Truss railroad bridge, in Belleville. River still open, but just barely.

Some down trees in the conservancy in Middleton. Another of Nature's Compositions.