Sunday, May 25, 2008


Memorial Day Weekend at Aunt Claire's and Uncle Al's.

Aunt Claire and Uncle Al

Cousin Brian, center, and a few others.

My cousins Marlene, Marcia. And Marcia's daughter (right)

Don's Dog, enjoying the wildlife. Checking out the new place. He is a CORGI, a herding type dog.

Row of cars, parked in the lane. That is Brother Don.

The Golf Cart got tried out...

Bikers in the Sauk City area. Big storm due today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here is a home, west side of Madison. Is reasonable to live here. This is a big academic town; well represented culturally, ethnically, not too crowded. To visit or live here, Madison is highly desirable locale.

Variegated Tulips, note pink and white.

A lot of trees and shrubs are in bloom, also lilac bushes are everywhere in city of Madison.


Jackie is my StepMother this is her birthday and Mother's day party. Shhh, its a surprise.

Brother Don

Madison Seventh-day Adventist Church members.

The Dale Saunders Clan.
Lynn and Kari Saunders included.

Lake edge, few guys fishing for Crappie.
While we eat lunch. This is a shallow lake, you can walk out nearly to the middle.

Eileen (Don's Wife)
Mr. Bossenberry
and Dad wrestle with one of the big sub sandwiches

Jackie with granddaughter. Under the money umbrella.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


The Devil's Lake Bluffs, you can make out the boulders that cover the sides. Rattlesnakes in the area! However there are paths to the top and I have made the climb many times.

Glacier action broke up the granite and gouged out the lake in the area. Major glaciation swept south of here, nearly to Illinois border. There were volcanoes in Wisconsin, diamonds are still found, but the volcanoes have long been ground away by glacier!

Here is a view of the boulder-strewn bluffs. Most of these larger boulders are size of a car.

Canoeing on Devil's Lake. A deep lake with a lot of spiritual significance to the Indians.

At Wisconsin Dells, river winds south from here. Lots of indians in the historic past here, many different tribes. They were shipped to Nebraska and when that failed, small number of them lived south of Dells. Two hour boat tour, 20 dollars.

Many dams on this river, lot of fishing in the area below dams.

Cyclists are everywhere this Sunday afternoon. Wisconsin has no-helmet law.