Saturday, July 4, 2009


Campsite set up. It is going to get cold over the next couple of days, but doesnt rain! Here is a great S'Mores, and Stacey showed up with Gina. We had a supper together. Chicken and Vegetable foil packets in the coals!

Kettle Morraine is a region in Southern Wisconsin where the glaciers
melted and dropped large amounts of rock. It it also hilly and covered with old forest, pine and deciduous.

Lisa and I visit a Vegetable Stand, find a Episcapalian Church in town of Whitewater. Our campsite is 10 minutes from Whitewater.

Lisa and I driving through the country, past Lake Ripley and some fields. With crops starting to grow... We really need rain, however.

Lisa and Dad talking, some of the roses at the parents house.